Monday, July 2, 2007

100 words

I am doing a new thing this month. I have joined this site:, where the goal is to write a piece each day of the month that is exactly 100 words long. In the hope that my batch will get read I am going to be posting my daily piece here. These are the pieces for the first and second of July

One hour and fifteen minutes until the deadline for today. I was going to wait until tomorrow to do today’s and tomorrow’s, but I figured if I am going to do this right, I probably shouldn’t start out being late. So here I am at ten forty five at night, trying to hit one hundred words on the head. I realized recently that my writing has a prevailing theme of learning. Perhaps it is the teacher in me, but I think I will try to make that a prevailing theme for this month’s batch. Or just spew out random stuff.
Once upon a time there was a story. This story began with an attractive person in some sort of difficult situation. Because of a series of often magical coincidences the difficult situation is averted. They all live happily ever after. Throw in some talking animals, and unsavory relatives and you have the plot for just about every single fairy tale in existence. Why don’t the heroes or heroines of these stories ever live sadly ever after? Why don’t they live happily for the next three weeks and then die a painful death? The villains have to, why not the protagonists?

See you guys tommorow!