Thursday, May 31, 2007

Thursday Threesome

I found this idea here. These people post three rather silly questions each Thursday. In an attempt to be noticed, and because I have nothing better to write about. I am going to go with this, for a bit.

::Pimentos in Olives::
Onesome: Pimentos-- in Olives? Useless decorative effect? ...or something you maybe enjoy? ...and is there something you can only stare at and wonder about at the snack bar?
Pimentos, in olives, hmm. Well, the only place that I could imagine that being would be in a martini, and as I do not drink, the first part of this question is rather beyond, my knowledge, and not interesting enough to be worth researching. I do know a bit about the two vegetables(?) separately, and so begins my answer.

I have had pimentos before, and to me it seems that they serve no purpose other than to add color to an otherwise drab looking dish. Which brings up the question: Why would someone put pimentos in their dish. Does it make a dish that is appealing to the other senses (i.e. taste, smell) also appeal to the eyes as well. in that case, the addition of this product can result in no suspicions about the dish whatsoever.

But on the other hand, if you put pimentos on your dish, perhaps it means that you are compensating for an unsavory meal, with a splash of color. My guests won't mind if my food, results in days of projectile vomiting, the innocent housekeeper reasons, as long as their vomit is sprinkled with festive colors! So in conclusion if you are planning on using this as a colorful addition to your meal: don't.

As for the second part of the question I feel obligated to bring up the king of useless foods, parsley. Restaurants always put it on every single dish in an attempt to make the food look more visually appealing. This brings up the same issue of overcompensating, but fortunately, the majority of restaurants, have decent food, so this is not an issue. My problem with parsley at restaurants is that you always end up eating it. You order a soup to go with your entree, and the soup come almost immediately. But once you finish your soup, you are still hungry, and your meal has still not arrived. And so your eyes inevitably drift to the sprig of green on your plate, that looks as though it was freshly cut off the tree in the adjoining alley . But before you know it, you find yourself gnawing away at the thing, all the while knowing that it isn't meant for eating, but still a slave to the need to have something in your mouth. And then your food comes, and you have parsley in your teeth, which has a tendency to stay put, making for a very embarrassing addition to your smile, especially if the nature of your outing is romantic.

Twosome: in Olives though? Who thought of that one? No, that's not your question ; rather, what combo of things do you put together in the food arena that's been know to strike others as a bit strange?
Hmm, that's a toughie. I can't really think of any odd food habits, that I have, so I will be forced to tell all about the annoying food combinations I have seen in my life. And because you are probably beginning to lose interest in all of these paragraphs, I will present it in easy to digest, bullet form. (hmm, digestible bullets, I wonder if there's a market for that?)
  • Hot dogs with peanut butter
  • Strawberries (with the leaves still attached)
  • Pizza with ranch salad dressing
Wow, is that really all I can come up with? Ah well, on to threesome

Threesome: Olives-- on fingertips (preferably black olives!). What food do you "play" with when you're feeling a bit silly?
Never, tried the olives on the fingertips bit, but I may just give it a shot the next time I find myself at a salad bar. (yeah right, like I can afford to eat out) but another fun fingertip food is Bugles. The corn chip in the shape of a cone, and just begs for finger top placement. This food can make for lots of fun,(despite the danger of nipped fingers) especially for the little ones

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

I got this idea, from another blog, the name of which I will post when I have the time, but from now on all Wednesday updates, will be free of words. So here is today's entry:

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(warning: may contain mature content)

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Really Bored

I'm bored so I made this here blog. I probably will have something clever to say later, but for now. . . um. . . yeah.